Tuesday, April 16, 2013

School FUNdraising...

 It's almost open day time at school. CCB and I have decided that we can do more for the school with an independent stall and as such have launched something a bit new for the school and we are selling seeds through Living Fundraisers. Their colours are green and purple. Going with the whole 'earthy' theme I bought some hessian in 4 colours and whipped up some bunting...

NEVER use your cutting board for cutting hessian... If you do use a chopping board (which I recommend) use one you can throw away!

Oh and it does not matter what you wear, using an overlocker with hessian, you WILL look like a lamington when you are done! But you gotta admit, it looks pretty good!

I made some table covers with the left overs which will look better when they are a bit flatter...

I hope it goes well for us!

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  1. I love buntings! It looks so festive whenever there is an event. I remember whenever there is a fundraising activity in the community, there will always be a lot of multi-colored buntings. I love the colors of your buntings by the way.

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