Tuesday, April 16, 2013

(more) Dresden progress...

Wow, 2 months + since my last post and there has been plenty of stitchin' happening!

Dresden progress... I am not bored with this quilt and really want to get a wriggle on and get it done but there are all these loooooooooooooooong seams teasing me to be sewn! I will admit the small seams and the blanket stitch are something I have to be in the right mood to do. I have been using my Tuesday quilting group on this quilt mostly because it doesn't require a whole lot of concentration and it can be quite busy with conversations and people wandering about, cups of tea, breaking for lunch... you get the picture!

There is also a debate over how big the end quilt will be. He wants 6x5 I want 6x6...

Here it is 2 x 4

 and again at 6 x 4...

So in theory I have one row to add to it and then we can debate the 6th row... I hope to get it added over the school hols or the first week back at quilting group.

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