Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Class Quilt

One of the other things we have been busy working on is the class quilt... we have had some sewing bees here at home on consecutive Friday and I have been spoilt with people giving up some of their Fridays to hang with me, I am very fortunate to have such wonderful friends.

Where we are up to...

We have all the dresses and boys uniforms blanket stitched to their backing and the kids have their names to hand sew on homespun in their house colours. They are due back in about 3 weeks time then we can start the assembly process...

 Here we are hard at work... lots of cutting and bits, pinning and counting...

 Emma had some issues with her machine but once I had threaded it properly (arghum Miss Emma!!! No wonder you were having problems, glad I could fix them for you!). Deciding her blanket stitch was not right for the project she was in charge of straight stitching ties! She was a machine!!
 I did faces...
 And Helen worked tirelessly pinning the components of the blocks!

 We put packs together for the kids to sew their names in a back stitch linking them to this You Tube video

Each kit had a letter to the child, their name on paper, a wide eye needle (Clover #22) and a strip of white homespun with their name written on it in pencil
Here are some of Amelia's classmates discovering their letters in their pigeon holes! Priceless really!! The girls were all giggly and smiles, the boys... well, they are boys!

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