Sunday, May 27, 2012

une veste pour moi!

I spied this pattern a month or 2 ago on sale for about $3 US so grabbed it and a couple more to make the posting worth while, I think I was actually looking for a jacket pattern for a polar fleece for Amelia to wear to guides and spotted this along the way...

Then Spotlight BEGGED me to spend money with a ridiculous percentage off fabric so this jacket, with it's 5 metres of pure wool went from being close to $200 to under $100 with the lining. I ran the jacket passed my teacher at sewing classes a few weeks ago and asked if she could help me make it, I think I just needed her as a backstop and a confidence booster. I won't say I couldn't have done it without her but I needed her this afternoon in my lounge room! The lining was tricky, I had no idea how to put it in so I totally winged it, I'm happy though and that is the main thing!

 Looking very pregnant (I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!) this is with the scarf wrapped over.

And the scarf one up one down. I think the lining on the scarf might have been a mistake because it is quite slippery but it will be super warm! I might add a toggle and loop to the front, still thinking on that one...

This week's projects are...

finish Mrs. C's cushions
tidy up the owl skirt
add an appliqued owl to the from of a t-shirt
make a 'hacky sack' for a party prop for next weekend
look at Amelia's fleece (although with the plaster on her arm I have a few weeks breathing space before that is absolutely needed!)
cut out 2 winter nighties
cut out a skirt for Amelia

And if I get something sewn - BONUS!

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