Sunday, May 6, 2012

A few finishes...

It has been a while and I have been busy, very busy with Dad visiting and various other obstacles (like having money stolen from my wallet followed by part of the school burning down!). In all of these punctuations in my creative time one thing is abundantly clear, sewing is my stress relief. I am a b!tch if I don't get to sew!

I have all but finished the pillows for my friends gift, just 2 button holes to tackle and an iron and I can tick that one off the to do list.

I have 9 more yoga mat bags almost finished for a fundraiser for the school and then on to some book bags for open day.

 This is the fabric for the Yoga/book bags - plus a bit from the scraps bag in the sewing cupboard too... more on those tomorrow...

Then back to the polar fleece jacket for Madam to wear for guides (but with the bitter winds we have at the moment I might be tempted to up that on the list to sew tomorrow afternoon...)

Other projects for this week are 2 winter nighties... for my sewing class is a new jacket for me...

I made a few skirts for friends of Amelia as gifts...

 Babushka Dolls for Miss Maggie
 Bright flowers for Miss Sarah
Owls for Miss Rachel
 Ruffled scarf to go with Miss Maggie's skirt - but not to go 'with it' to go as part of the pressie!
 Yoga mat bag for my pearl lady in NZ being modelled by Amelia wearing an Oliver + S lazy days skirt I whipped up in summer!
 On the chair...

And this little beauty was made by my clever little girl at a school holiday sewing class she attended. There was a choice of a babushka doll, an owl, write your name or this one. The head, body and feet are on piece, the kimono (sleeves are on upside down - whoops mummy...!) and the hair make the cut out bits. Then hand stitching around the hair and kimono to keep them in place, I did the toes but the rest was done by madam. The top stitching we marked dots at where she had to go in and out with the stitches and I expected  to have to unpick threads and re thread needles but nope, she managed the sewing by herself, I just had to tie the knots.

She is half way through sewing a felt mobile as well, no idea when we will get that completed at the moment but it will be 'blogged' when it is done!

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