Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Bag #5

Amelia's 2nd BFF started playing the violin a few weeks ago and her mum requested I make a music bag for her to stash her music bits and everything else she needs in. Miss Maggie is a whole head shorter than Amelia so length is a bit of an issue and I will have to adjust the straps I think for her as the shoulder strap is way long.

Miss Maggie's mum and I went to Spotlight last weekend and some fabrics were selected for a music bag and a library bag (more on that later...,)

Made slightly differently than the others (much neater but a whole lot more time consuming but a much better result). Did my head in trying to sew the lining and the outer together and it is still a bit of a 'thrown together' mess but for the purpose of the bag it will suffice.

Tah dah!

I used D rings for the shoulder straps and there are 2 pockets on the inside.

Happy Miss Maggie, Happy Maggie's Mum, happy me, relief all round!

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