Monday, February 13, 2012

More bags...

Amelia needed a bag to take to Girl Guides, just a little something to take a notebook and pencil, her supper milk and a bottle of water and eventually her hand book, when she gets it!

Based on the bags I did the other week, I sort of made this up as I went along. Pretty happy with how it turned out. There is a pocket front and back with the cream spotty fabric and it fits her shoulder quite nicely. The pocket fits an A5 notebook and I put a small pocket on the inside as well for those nights she needs to take money.

Then we decided that Amelia's BFF needed a music bag. She has just started Violin lessons and apparently the music bags I have made Amelia, Max and Alethea are quite the talk of the school. So much so I have an order for another one... for Amelia's 'other' BFF as well as a library bag for Miss M as well.

We went on an excursion to Spotlight and Miss M's mum was SO overwhelmed with the colours, patterns and choices she wished she'd just sent me in! I was steering her towards the $4 clearance baskets but no, Mrs A went straight for the top of the line quilting fabrics! You know the ones, the $16+ per metre ones...

Here is our haul... $198 later!

The back 5 Princess fabrics are for a friend in Qld who can't get any at her local Spotlight... the last one at the top is for some weird idea I have for a cheats pretty table runner.

The front row - the music material and the kimono dolls is for Miss M's music bag, the turquoise owls and the expensive satin (the only lining that wasn't on special!!!) is for a library bag also for Miss M and hte dragonfly and blue lining (that WAS on special!!!) is for the other girls music bag which ended up like....

And she is VERY VERY happy with it!

Next stop more bags... :-) yay!

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