Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dinosaur amusement

My lovely neighbour and her recently turned 2 year old son went to NZ a few weeks ago, on their own. Master Felix is a bit of a live wire and Amy is about 5 months pregnant with a belly that is kinda getting in the way. I have travelled with AMelia a few times by myself and she is the best passenger you could ask for. She holds my hand, doesn't leave my side, sits in the seat, puts her belt on, reads the safety card, asks questions of the flight attendants, asks more questions then falls asleep. She's a great travel passenger. I can only imagine Felix won't be as placid as she is!

He has recently discovered dinosaurs and with that in mind I made him this...

A dinosaur roll! I posted this on a local crafters page and someome wants to buy one from me! It took me a week of hunting in about 5 fabric shops to find the dinosaur fabric and even then it wasn't quite what I had wanted.

It was a hit with Master Felix though! The highlight of his holiday :-)

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