Saturday, March 13, 2010

New shopping trip and completed projects!

So fabric spree number deux and no photo of the stash (it has been a busy week...)

But, this time I went shopping with specific projects in mind. I actually just needed 46inches of one fabric to complete a skirt but that fabric had been discontinued and I really didn't want to miss out on it so I am just fortunate I have some lovely sewing friends I managed to coerse into helping me put an order together! 43 yards of order!

So, my mum and my neighbour both do yoga and have both had recent birthdays and have both dipped out on pressies due to lack of time, ideas and finances. While I was searching a website, not sure which one, I came across this pattern which I declared perfect, and their birthdays were just the excuse I needed to make them!

Mum is a bit of a plain Jane with fabric so I chose the stripey fabric which I think is a Kaffe Fasset (and I managed to match the stripes, quite proud of that!), and my neighbour has Japanese connections so I took these on board when I was searching the site for fabrics. Mums is lined with a simple pale blue shot cotton and JT's with a slightly heavier cotton I was given with a massive fabric order ages ago at Spotlight - it is faded and was in the remnent bin. As the Oriental fabric is quite light it gives the bag a bit more structure but it made it quite thick to sew in places.

I hope I have got the fabrics right! Well I know one is as I gave JT her's yesterday and she was thrilled! Isn't the green flowery oriental fabric divine! She has 2 boys so something pink and slightly girlie is in order I think!

The pattern is quite easy to follow, although I did have to read some of the steps aloud v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y to understand them! I made these parallel (as in at the same time) and I think all up it took me about an hour and a half to finish the 2 of them, with numerous interruptions! I have a few other friends who do yoga and I have a funny feeling there may be a few more of these go through the sewing machine before the month is out!

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  1. I love both those fabrics! If I only knew someone who did Yoga I would be making up some of these too...