Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've been shopping!

Actually I have had 2 shopping sprees since my last post! It is insane that it is cheaper to buy fabric in America, have it shipped and even with the exchange rate it is cheaper than buying it here. But it's true. Add to that patterns for $2.99 (on special) and I am one happy little vegemite!

I don't know the names of each of the fabrics but I bought this lot from here
There is some of the Pillow and Maxfield Whimsy
some flannel (which is SO soft and super cute!)
there is some voile which is so light and silky smooth
and some cotton.

Some of it has projects allocated and some I just bought because it was nice, who needs a reason? Right?

And I bought some patterns as well. I can't believe I paid nearly $20AUD each at Spotlight for two of these and I paid $2.99USD for each patter from here

I have made a skirt for me which I don't think I have photographed. It came out okay but I regret not making it a little bit longer. I can't wait to start the winter nighties for young lady!

And I have been making this for Amelia, it obviously isn't finished yet as there is some debate over the sleeve length... She wants long but I want short! The fabric is quite light, too light for a proper winter dress. And I made a size 7 which is a little big on her.

There is a bit of a puff of chest with this dress, it really is lovely! And I did the contrast without instructions, there aren't any on the pattern (or at least I couldn't find them)

I think I am going to have to make a second dress with long sleeves out of her next favourite fabric and keep my fingers crossed I can get away with popping short sleeves on this one! I know it is easy to wear a skivvy under a dress but we have a few fashion faux pas going on, I really don't want add another round to the daily getting dressed battle...

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