Sunday, March 11, 2012

Polar Fleece jacket - circa 2004

Way back when, when I was doing sewing at night school, before pregnancy and motherhood, I had a great idea. To make us a polar fleece jacket each. One Saturday morning, probably getting out of the house due to night shift sleeping happening, I went to Lincraft at Paramatta Westfield. Pattern purchased was - McCall's #3784 and fabric, purple for me, navy for him and some oatmeal beige, not quite sure what for, maybe contrast? and I went home. I vaguely remember cutting the jacket out because I added some length to the sleeves (always too short) and to the width as well (I have lost a heap of weight since 2004!!) and then I am not quite sure why, but it was cut out and never sewn up.

The reality is it took me about 2 and a half hours, 1 full roll of cotton, a broken needle and 3 feet change (normal foot, zipper foot and walking foot) and I was done!

I took a LOT of fabric off the arms, they were way too wide and the hood makes me look like a Gregorian chanting monk but for what it was intended for I am sure, 100% it will serve its purpose. It has a hood, pockets and a zip, pretty impressed with myself.

Now I can toss out the $10 fleece I bought when I was pregnant that doesn't really fit me anymore, has paint stains on it, is very worn and the zip broke about 3 years ago... At least I got my moneys worth out of it!

Another list cross off!

 Gregorian monk look, suits me!
 Because the sunniest day in a long time is an IDEAL polar fleece sewing stuck inside all day day...
Hood, pockets, zip, this jacket has it all!

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