Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blossom Creek pt 2

Sorry to drag this out but I am quite excited. By the time I get to block 3 it will be a picture of the finished block!! Bear in mind I have done most of this when Amelia is at pre-school and Stef at work so it has been stolen minutes during the day...

So, I traced the pattern (from the right sheet) onto the Vlisofix

Cutting the pieces out roughly I laid them on the appropriate fabric in a box

Then I made a deal with myself that WHEN, and only when, I had gotten to the bottom of the very large ironing pile was I allowed to iron the pattern onto the fabric. So I started the ironing on the Saturday night and continued on the Sunday morning, Stef at work and Amelia occupied I put on a chick flick (Marely and Me) and set about getting those wrinkles out of them clothes!

Amelia had a very important job of once the paper could come off the back she was allowed to remove it, then her next important job (with clean dry hands) was passing me the special pins to put the fabric onto the backing fabric. Her face was a picture when she saw it coming together! 'You are doing good work Mum, it looks just like the picture!' she said proudly!

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