Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Secret Santa

Ages ago, when I was involved with a stash, one of the organisers thought it would be fun to organise a Kris Kringle for those who wanted to be a part of it, with the ladies who were in the swap.

I received my gift a few weeks ago but knowing Christmas Day was going to be a bit of fizzer because Stef was working, it was the only gift under the tree for me so I deciced to wait and open it Christmas Day.

This is what was inside...

Gorgeous handmade card, teatowel with hand appliqued trees on it, a handmade tissue case, tea sachets, an erasable pen (which Miss 7 has her eye on - um no!) all in a gorgeous bag with bells on it. Thank you Carol, I hope your Christmas was happy!

I had Cass and this is what I sent her, she seemed very happy with it! All I had to go on was that she was a sewer, a quilter and a knitter and I knew she was pregnant and loves all things Christmas.

Cass orgainsed the original travelling stash and I had added the licence plate into it but sadly it wasn't put in on of the parcels carfully and it broke. I knew how devastated Cass was as she liked it so when I was given her, it seemed fitting I replace the broken product. I also added the reindeer (who is wearing a knitted jacket), a large quick unpick and an 'add a 1.4" ' ruler. I liked the idea of these so much I bought 3! I am not a fan of wrapping paper, I use it and I will make it look pretty but for a crafter, a fat quarter seemed fitting (and not a lot more expensive in the grand scheme of things!)

I do love swaps, I was burnt a little with the content of the one I was in but it would seem someone else also hasn't been happy with the replacements that have been added to one that is in circulation so hopefully the quality of the ones that follow will be higher.

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